Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology

This is the show which was aired by NBC in 1996, and created a lot of furor in the media and the academia, with people resorting to complaining to FCC to punish, fine and ban NBC for airing this show.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Quest of Common Ancient Civilization

This is a video series by Graham Hancock, a renowned British Journalist, turned Historian Researcher, with some important comments by me. This is an excellent video series that shows that we are all connected a way back in time with a common civilization and ancestors, and with a common history. The modern historians are being forced to look hard into these facts and reevaluate their written history.

Also watch the new movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I mentioned about the crystal skull in my posting Where there is fire there is also smoke with the same message. History Channel is also showing the series Indian Jones and Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest with the same message.

Some words of interest:

a. Cirrus, Cyrus, or Sirius, Orion - In Sanskrit it is Suresh - Sun God. Also, before the Polaris Star became the Celestial North Pole Star, Sirius was the North Celestial Star, which happened because of the Earth's Precession. The God Principle also means Eternal, and that is what the North Celestial Star meant to be Eternal. which is Sirius - The Mt. Meru of Hindoos and Greeks). It is also called Rudra, after Shiva, and Dynoys and the closest star to Sun. If Sun is the Central Star of the Solar System, and also identified with the Father Principle, then the North Star gets the equivalent designation for the Cosmos - for it is a Star, like Sun, and the Central Star of the Cosmos. Both can be called Surya-Ish, which is Sun God, and becomes Suresh, and in corruption form it, becomes Cirrus, Cyrus, Sirius, Chorus, and Horus. It will be an interesting exercise to calculate when this Star was the Central North Pole Star and it would date Shiva as the old as that - and we know He is the oldest ancient God of worship. Arabs called Sirius as Al-Shira - note "r", "l" and "v" are semi-vowels, and sometimes they get interchanged, and the word "Shila" also means "Lingam". The Orion is also called Canis Major Axis, which means same as Mt. Meru, and the most ancient Pyramid of Egypt, called Dandera, means "DanD-Dera", which is the Place of the Shaft - the power beholder. It also means "Mercy or Alms Giver. Dionysus is basically "Dan-Isys", the "Lord of Alms Giver". Note that Canis is connected to the word Canan, or Kanan, which was the basis for calling the northern neighbor of Jews, called Canan-ites. The word in Sanskrit means Sun or Gold, and to the Arabs and Jews it also means Orange and Gold!
So to the newly civilized colonies of the Europe continent, the word may have been taken as the word for the Canis as Dog, and not for Rod or Shaft, which only has the connection with the sign of the Zodiac. In 3500 BC, the star was closest to Sun in the East, and perhaps called by that association. On Summer Solistice it would be longest and hottest day of the Sun, and it is more likely the Father Principle Worship is associated with Summer Solstice and not Equinox, and there may be another parallel festivity, which may be getting mixed up by European Scholars.

b. Nile - In Sanskrit the word is "Neel", which means the color blue, which is why the River Blue Nile is called, because it is blue in color (beside the Red Nile). It is documented in Anacalypsis : An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions and Asiastic Researches that Hindu Priests could only tell the Britishers the very source of River Nile.

c. In Frame 9:23, note the Bull and the "Shiv Lingam" sign under the Bull. This was the Father/Male/Solar Principle worship and that is why one sees Obliesks in Middle Eastern sites.

f. In the First World Wars, Indian Soliders returning from Egypt, mentioned that they saw many temples of Krishna, which others have called Isis, or Bachhus - but has the same principle of Father/Solar/Male Principle of Worship.

g. Isis - is Ishah or Ishvar - meaning God in Sanskrit. The "AH" sound is from Visarga, and is Hard "H" Sound, which can become one of the Siblant Sounds, like Dental 'S', Cereberal 'Sh' and Palatal "Sh" - besides "AR" sound.

h. The Temple of Konark, Karnak, the Temple of Sun, is same what it means in Sanskrit, the word "KarN", and in India, Orissa, there is a Sun Temple also called Konark. There is a place in France with the same significance called Carnac and also in Meso Americas.

i. There is mention of the Pyramid Temple built in 2000 BC, at place called Dandera, which faced the Star Sirius in 3500 BC (to be confirmed) which means the Axis of the Earth, or the Shaft of the Earth, the Passage to Heavens. It is said that the Sirius or Shiva Rudra is the God as ancients as the Human Civilization.

j. Angor Wat is actually in Sanskrit, 'ANkur Vaat', where the trans literal letter 'N' is the Guttural/Palatal Nasals (combination), like'ng' in 'Anger' or 'Angoor' for the word 'grapes' in Sanskrit/Hindi. It means the 'Place of Germination', which is the Mother Principle, or the Navel or the Womb.

k. Note the Egyptians wearing turbans which villages in India and even learned men of India in 19th and 20th Century wore.

l. There is mention of the King Sati, which is also in one of the Mythologies of India, but can not recall. Notice the mention of Rama-isys and Sita-ri but misspelled as Ramesses I and Queen Sitre. There is a mention in the Wikipedia, which says about the King, ""Man of Set, beloved of Ptah", which is actually "the Man of Sat - the Truth - and the beloved of Father - Pitaah, which is the story of Raam. Also read my posting Where There Is Fire There Is Also Smoke

m. The Golden Age is mentioned to be around 2000BC, based on the Spring Equinox, but also mentions the Bull worship, the Father Principle, but really the Summer Solstice was the basis of the Bull Sacrifice, when the Zodiac of rising was the Zodiac of the Bull. See my posting Where there is fire there is also smoke and the article in Anacalypsis Tauric Worship

a. In Frame 2:39 mentions of the King Cyrus - which is of the same name as the King of Persia after whom Mythiric Tradition or the worship Mitra was based on - that is the Bull or the Father Principle Worship. It could be the name of two different Kings as the idea of Life Rejuvenation and Reincarnation was very fundamental to the Spiritual Knowledge of the Ancients. Also, famous historical characters were often deified to be Gods - if not named after a God's name before!

b. In Frame 2:42, one would notice the "Cross and Loop" Sign - which the Male Trinity Sign - for the Geometric Depiction of Male Genitals - and the Female Oval Sign for Uterus or the Fertility Symbol, carried forward by Christianity and often wore by Bishops. This the basis of Tetragammation and was also covered in the novel DaVinci Code - as the Chalice and Cup, and the Star of David, where the "North Facing Triangle" is the "Male Principle" and the "South Facing Triangle" is the "Female Principle", and this is what is also represented by the Shiva-Lingam and the sign of AUM - the Creation Power of the Divine.

a. Mention of the knowledge of the Earth's Recession in 10,0000 BC, and the fact that it takes 72 years to complete a Celestial Degree. See my postings on Stone Henge.

b. 18 Years is the time when Lunar and Solar Revolutions Make a complete rounds. 54 is multiple of 18 and 3/4 of 72.

c. Mention of the underwater temple at Southernmost tip of Japan, which is called Yoniguna - is nothing but Yoni-Guna - which means the "Ones Whose Attribute is the Womb or the Source of Life", which is what the sites mentioned meant - the Naval of the World. Naval is what connects life of the new born with the mother.

d. There is mention of number 54 and 108 encoded, which is very sacred to Hindus, in the Angor Wat Temple - which is a Hindu Temple. The same set of numbers are encoded in Stonehenge.

a. What is that in Frame 9:36 which looks like a Shiv Lingam or Obleisk? And see a circular pattern on the right side. Is it a part of a larger circluar pattern that has emerged under the sea? Only Underwater Archeology can confirm this.

a. In Frame 7:26, there is a mention of word "Paachi", which in Sanskrit is connected to cooking, digestion, etc. "Pach" also means "to digest", ""to cook", "to put on fire", "to boil", "to torment", "to bring to completion", etc. Interestingly for the word for "five" in Sanskrit is "Panch", and in English to "punch" means to use fist to hit or torment someone - but the punch is made of five fingers!! Is there a connection?

a. Look at the mention of "Caalnish" which in Sanskrit means "KaalnIh" or "Kaal-Ni-sh", which means Led by Time. It also means the "Dwelling of Time". Now see the "Rising Lingam" in Frame 3:30. There is mention of Celtic Druids. Please see the book Celtic Druids. There is mention of Julius C easer mentioning, 2000 years back, where Celtic Druids believed in Reincarnation of the Soul. There is mention of 19 years which is close to the use of 18 years - and may be because of the L attitude and Longitude differences.

b. Towards the end of the video notice the submerged stone circle.

a. Mention of "Carnack" which is nothing but corruption of Konark or Karnaak, which is means Gold or Sun. See the mention of Stone Circle which was also seen in others parts of India, and near Japan and Easter Islands (please see my ealier comment on the Lingama and Circle". Watch for Frame 1:22 and see the "Lingam" which stands out.
Frame 2:12 you will see an "Oval" shape. Does it represent the "womb" or the "Navel" Principle - the Mother/Female Principle?

b. There is mention of Teotihuacan. In Sanskrit it would be "Te-Uta-ih-kanan" - "Here is where that or he rose to Sun", which is what it symbolizes, where Man rose to Sun, or where Man met God. Kaanak also means Gold - same as Konark or Karnak.

a. YoniGuna means the womb of mother.

a. Look at Frame 4:18, and you will notice the Shiv Lingam and the circular Structure.

b. 54 Degree is mentioned, which is 3/4 of 72, and 144 is 12 x 12 and 72 x 2, which make factors of the multiple 432,000, whose knowledge was there with Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Nords, Egyptians and Indians - but its significance was lost to the nations, except for India and to some extent Babylon. Other folks like Rome, Greeks, Nords and Celts only remembered the story but forgot the meaning behind the number. Indians just remembered this number in terms of its significance as an unit of Astronomical Time but I do not think they remembered its basis but I need to confirm. Please see my comment on Carl Sagan making some comment on this. Other civilizations only remembered the stories around it. Please see my article on Stonehenge.

c. In Frame 5:54, note the Circular Wall with Entrance - and the 4 Small Round Stones and 1 Big Round Stone. Is the symbol of the Female Principle and the 4 Cardinal Signs with a Central Male Principle? You decide. BTW, the Navel of Life means the Womb from where the Life comes.

d. Frame 9:08 - See what it is and its associated with the word "Navel".

e. Mt. Meru is pronounced by Mr. Graham as Mt. Medu.

a. On the subject of Incas, can a Solar Clock have a the "staff" smaller than the dial? Why will they touch the stone as an obhect of veneration. Why does it reflect the "belief of it tying the Sun" (as if it being the center or the womb of the World).

f. Coricancha - There is mention of this city. Cancha or Kancha means the same - Gold or Sun in Sanskrit. Cori could be taken as Suri or Sura, which means Sun Golden - what the locals means. "C" can be taken as "K" or "S", or "Sh" sounds. See my posting on Korus, Chorus, Suresh, Horus, etc. It is not a Spanish world but a Quechua word, which is part of Aymara language - is it A-Mara - which means Eternal Langauge? Interesting "aya" suffix is also used in Sanskrit for Dative. The language may be as old as 10,500 BC. BTW, In 2001, in Austria, I met a girl who just looked Indian, tanned-white, or brown complexion, and mistook her to be Indian, but she turned out to be a Brazilian Native American. She sang me their ceremonial chanting, when we had gone for a group walk, and it just sounded like a Vedic Chanting! Their is a mention of their ancestor who was Pale skin, and his name was "Veer Kancha" - Brave Sun. The "n" is Guttaral Nasal, which goes with Guttaral "K", and often skipped or mis-spelled and mis-pronounced by many Westerners and even Indians. That is the reason, the world in Sanskrit, LaNgur (like 'N' in Anger) became Lemur, which means the same and goes back to Madasgar, which is close to India, and at one time thought to be connected to India via Lemuria.

g. Vasuki, is the mythological Female Naga, and Suras and Asuras are basically Suryas and Asuryas.

h. Titicaca - Same - Te-Ut-Kanan and connected with the muyth of Teotihuacan.

i. Viracocha

j Pachamama

k. Unu_Pachakuti